A mini-hiatus…to study!

Hi all!

Firstly, a HUGE thanks to you.  Yes, you there, reading this right now.  Even though you may not realize it, by simply reading this, on this very page, on this very blog, you are giving me support.  Every time I see the stats bump up by one, I get a genuine kick out of it, knowing that someone out there has enjoyed my writing.  Sincerely, thank you.

The second thing I want to talk about is why the posts haven’t been coming ‘Every Tue and Fri’, as the sub-title of this blog bravely proclaims.  I guess it’s my fault for not putting this out earlier, but I am neck deep in Kanji, grammar and particles right now: yep, I am studying for the JLPT!  And due to holding down a full-time job, my chances to really study are all too rare, and I have had to make sacrifices…including this blog.

But don’t panic!  This is just a temporary blip, and the usual schedule will resume in Mid-July, after the test.  And it’s not as if there will be NOTHING new coming between now and then, just not as frequent as you or I would like.

If you’re coming to like my work here, then I’m really, really sorry to frustrate you like this.  Believe me, my blood boils whenever I hear my favorite musicians announce a hiatus too.  So I swear to return, nunchucks-a-blazin’, in mid-July.

In the meantime (and this is a shameless plug, but ah well), why not check out my YouTube Channel (link on the right)?  I do fiction as well, you know, so why not treat your eardrums to some free storytelling?




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