UPDATE: Where have I been?

Well well well, look who has just come shuffling back.  I’m referring to myself by the way, not you dear reader.  You have been remarkably patient.  I, on the other hand, had to go off and do some things like move house, change jobs and get married.

Well, that last one isn’t quite done yet.  We’ve done the paperwork, but we’re still yet to have the full ceremonial shebang.  And prepping for that has consumed my time like a session of disappearing down a link rabbit-hole on YouTube.

I’m not out of the woods yet.  It’s still going to be a couple of months before I can truly get back on track.  But make no mistake: I’ve have still been busy carving my way through my fiction writing, which has picked up considerable traction recently.  Enter the official PJL website!

So while I can’t promise any updates on the A to Z of Japan quite yet (though I wil try!) if you still crave some PJL, there is plenty on that website to sate your appetite, including some details on my fiction writing, free samples, audio readings and – gasp! – brand new blog!  Click here to check it out!

I’l be spending most of my internet-profiling and building there from now on, and perhaps one day I will convert the whole of this blog over to my offical site too so it is one big happy home, but for now please bear with me while I make this busy transition through life.  I have big, BIG plans that I hope will more than make up for my absence.

Thanks for reading!


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