Kami – a fantasy adventure novel written by P.J. Leonard (me)!

You know, I really do love living in Japan. Some of my posts here may express the opposite at times, and I’m not denying they’re true but despite the faults and issues Japan has, I really do get a kick out of calling Japan home. Even after all of these years. And for those of you who follow my blog regularly, you’ll also know that I’m also an author, with my first novel ‘Tick’ published last year. But it was only a matter of time before I published a book inspired by my time in Japan and here it is: ‘Kami’, a fantasy-adventure novel, now available to download from Amazon.

Kami Book Cover3

If you have been enjoying my blog, you will also enjoy ‘Kami’, I am sure. By purchasing ‘Kami’ you will also be supporting me and helping me inch closer to that tipping point where I make writing my full-time job and create even more content…including more books and blog posts!

Want to try before you buy? Fair enough! There is a wealth of free-to-enjoy samples and short stories I created that will give you a taste of the book:

Click here to watch the announcement trailer for ‘Kami’.

Click here to watch the teaser trailer for ‘Kami’.

Click here to read the ‘Heikichi’, a short story set hundreds of years before the events of ‘Kami’.

Click here to read ‘The Way of Gods and War’, a short story set in Second-World-War era Japan.

Click here to read the prologue of ‘Kami’.

Click here to watch a mini-documentary of me where I answer the question: ‘What is a Kami?’

And finally…head over to Amazon.com to download your eBook of ‘Kami’ now! It is also available on many other regional Amazon sites too, such as Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, and Amazon Australia. For others, search ‘Kami Leonard’ to find it.

I hope enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.  There will be plenty more things to come about ‘Kami’ soon, but don’t worry, the A-Z of Japan will still continue as normal.

Thanks for reading!


Kami web title header


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