About Me

My name is P.J. Leonard. I’m an aspiring author. I’m from the UK, I moved to Japan in March 2010, and have lived and worked in both the countryside and the big city since then.

Why did I come to Japan? It’s a question I’m often asked, and to be honest, if there was a reason, it has long been either forgotten or satisfied. But I remember taking an interest in Japanese pop culture as a ayoung teen, and my curiosity made me dig deeper into Japan’s history, culture, society and so on. Throughout my University years, the added freedom of my own money and space allowed me to pursue my interests further, and for my third year as a student, I lived as a pauper, saving every penny I could from my part-time job, until I could afford a trip to Japan after my graduation.

That trip changed everything. It had been everything I’d hoped it to be and more: I had expected Japan to be culturally rich and with a fascinatingly different society, but I never expected to find a country that looked so full of potential. So…livable. So when I returned home, the long-game began: work, save, and find a way back.

My chance came in March 2010, and I haven’t looked back. When I first set up in Japan, I had a lot of fantastic support, but as time went by, I grew independent, learned the language, found a new job…and even found love. The initial drive that pulled me to Japan faded, but not in a bad way: the dazzling newness of it all has been replaced by something altogether more real, more long-lasting, and I don’t see myself going anywhere any time soon.

That’s not to say that Japan no longer surprises me. It does, and everyday is an adventure of it’s own kind. This blog will hopefully share some of that sense of adventure with you, and give you that sense of endless discovery, warts and all, of Japan.


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