Live. Eat. Think. See. Japan.

Welcome to LETS Japan, my new-look Japan blog!

Firstly, if you’re a long-time reader of mine, welcome back! I want to thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, and hope you enjoy the refreshed blog.

Secondly, welcome to my new readers! My name is PJ Leonard, and I’m an aspiring author who has lived in Japan since 2010. Even after seven years – enough time for people to be born, learn how to walk and talk and go to school! – I still find this country endlessly fascinating. I also love sharing stories about life in Japan – that’s the author side of me – so that’s what I’m hoping to do on this blog. To share interesting, funny and thoughtful stories about life in Japan.

Now, this new look isn’t simply a fresh lick of paint. My returning readers will notice that some other things have changed. For one thing, it’s not the ‘A to Z of Japan’ any more. As fun as the A to Z format was, after several years of that it was simply becoming too restrictive. I was writing about things that other blogs had covered a thousand times over.

So we bid farewell to the A to Z and welcome in LETS Japan! The “LETS” stands for “Live, Eat, Think, See.” This new format will give me more freedom, while still giving me parameters to stay focused. But most importantly, it will let me dip more into my more personal experiences and thoughts – the unique stuff, the good stuff!

So here’s how the new blog categories break down:

Live: The most personal category, this will be about my experiences, past and present, of living in Japan. No axe to grind, neither overly positive or negative, just giving it to you straight.

Eat: No Japan blog should be without food! But this will be a little different: not only this will cover classic and local dishes, it will also cover the dishes we make at home. My wife and I love cooking, and I can’t wait to share our culinary creations with you!

Think: This is the closest LETS Japan will come to the old A to Z of Japan format. These will be my thoughts and opinions on a given aspect of Japan, usually a tricky/political/controversial one. Expect some pretty strong viewpoints!

See: I love traveling around Japan, and to this day this incredibly dense country keeps offering up new places to explore. This will be the travelogue section of this blog, tracking my journeys across Japan.

This is the most excited I’ve been about my blog since it started! Already I can think of at least 10 posts I want to make. I hope you’ll enjoy LETS Japan as much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy making it.

That being said, while I want to continue to offer as much content as possible, and simply having a happy following is thanks enough, my dream is to be self-sufficient in my writing. To rely on my writing for income would free me up to write even more than I currently do, and when I write more, I can offer more to you!

So if you’ve enjoyed the A to Z of Japan, my YouTube videos or any of my fiction work and would like to support me, click here to head over to my Patreon page to become a patron from as little as $1. Support can be withdrawn at any time so it’s not a lifetime commitment! Patrons also get access to exclusive content and extras, so there’s something in it for you as well.

Click here! More information on the Patreon Page.

Once again I’d like to thank all my readers old and new for their support and loyalty. Onward with PJL’s LETS Japan!

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